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Employees Want To Change Unionization Rules

Publication Date: 
March 09, 2009
ABC-7 News
Mark Matthews

Professor William B. Gould IV is interviewed for a story on ABC-7 News about a change in unionization rules reflected in a proposed labor reform bill. Professor Gould's full interview is available here. ABC-7 News writes:

The measure, which is due to be introduced into congress as early as tomorrow, would effectively do away with secret ballot elections as a means of organizing unions. Employees would instead opt for a much faster "card check." if a majority of employees signed cards.


The supporters of the Free Choice Act say the playing field is slanted too much in favor of employers.

"They're right that there is a basic problem, there has been for a number of years," former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board Bill Gould said. The board is the part of the government that is supposed to oversee the secret ballot elections.

"What's typically happening is that the employers, once they get wind of a union organizing campaign, will kind of bring out the artillery and in a one-sided way subject the employees to frequently incessant propaganda," Gould said.

Gould says he can understand why union organizers are pushing for the card check method, but he does not agree with it.