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Environmental Views, Past and Present

Publication Date: 
February 07, 2009
The New York Times
John M. Broder, Andrew C. Revkin, and Cornelia Dean

Professor Michael Wara is quoted on the subject of air pollution in a New York Times article about how President Obama will address environmental issues compared to how they were handled in the previous administration. The New York Times writes:

In his first weeks in office, President Obama has dismantled many environmental policies set by the Bush administration. But in some areas, he will be building on the work of his predecessor, rather than taking it apart.


Another sign of the new direction came Friday when the Environmental Protection Agency accepted a judicial demand to regulate mercury emissions from power plants. Power-plant regulation will be central to any new policy.

Bush administration officials say regulation of diesel engines and other pollution rules prolonged thousands of lives. “America is going to have the most consequential set of clean-air requirements, on a generational scale,” said Mr. Connaughton, the former environmental quality chairman.

Michael Wara, a Stanford law professor and an expert on the Clean Air Act, agreed that the Bush administration ''did some good.'' But, Mr. Wara added, it was '' the least amount that they could, given the scientific realities.''