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E.P.A. Ruling Puts California in a Bind

Publication Date: 
December 21, 2007
The New York Times
Felicity Barringer

Professor Barton H. "Buzz" Thompson Jr is quoted in a New York Times story on whether California and 17 other states can or cannot use their own automobile emissions standards but have to abide by federal standards instead:

If the E.P.A. denies the waiver, California has three options, said Barton H. Thompson Jr., the co-director of the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University.

“One, you sue,” Mr. Thompson said. “Two, you look for a legislative fix that would require Congress to clarify” that the Clean Air Act allows the state to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions from tailpipes. “Three, you wait for the next administration.”

“You are not going to get any relief from the courts any faster than that,” he added.