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Epic Battle Ends Between James Joyce Estate, Professor

Publication Date: 
March 25, 2007
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
CBC Arts

The settlement between James Joyce's estate and Stanford scholar Carol Shloss is described in this article by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Shloss won the right to publish material that supports her scholarship about James Joyce, which focuses on the influence that Lucia Joyce exerted over her father's writing, especially over Finnegans Wake.

Anthony Falzone, Director of Stanford Law School's Fair Use project is quoted:

Anthony Falzone, Shloss's attorney, said his client "got exactly what she asked for in her complaint, and more."

Falzone, who heads the Fair Use Project at Stanford, said the Joyce estate had been "extremely aggressive in enforcing copyrights," threatening lawsuits against scholars whose work qualifies as "fair use" under copyright law.