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Even after rewrites, Google Wallet retains gaping security holes, mainly due to Android

Publication Date: 
February 09, 2012
IT World
Kevin Fogarty

Professor Barbara van Schewick was mentioned in the following article by Kevin Fogarty of IT World on the professor's net neutrality complaint against Verizon.

In December Stanford Law Professor Barbara van Schewick filed a formal complaint with the FCC asking it to investigate whether Verizon’s decision to exclude the Google Wallet from its menu of mobile services violated net neutrality rules by favoring one vendor’s product over another.

Some Verizon users may feel lucky to have been excluded following the revelation of a major security flaw in Google Wallet security.

The problem isn't in the near-field-communications (NFC) radio network that makes it possible for Google Wallet users to use smartphones like contactless credit- or debit cards.