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Experts: Sterling's Potential Attorney Picks Indicate Possibility For Big Clash With NBA

Publication Date: 
May 08, 2014
Daily Journal
Chase Scheinbaum

Professor William B. Gould comments on Los Angeles Clippers' owner Donald Sterling's options for legal action against the NBA for The Daily Journal.

Barred from attending Los Angeles Clippers games and facing the possibility the National Basketball Association may try to force him to sell the team, Clippers owner Donald Sterling is not going down without a fight and is on the hunt for counsel. His decision to approach two high-profile litigators, Patricia L. Glaser and John B. Quinn, signals that he is likely to dig in his heels for a violent clash with the NBA.

"They're both terrific lawyers, outstanding litigators, and both have been in big bruising fights before," said Jennifer L. Keller of Keller Rackauckas LLP. "Both are regarded as pretty fearless."


Stanford Law School professor William B. Gould noted that the inclusion of Quinn's name could hint at a likely strategy. "Antitrust is going to be the first line of defense and I would imagine he's a guy who possesses that kind of expertise and credibility," he said.

Sterling's attorneys could make the argument that forcing him to sell the team at a price reduced due to bad publicity initiated by the league was unfair, Gould said. Some sports experts place the value of the team as high as $1 billion.

"The league's defense is that they are pursuing a policy which is consistent with public policy," Gould said.