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Factions Lobby Over Potential Obama Court Pick

Publication Date: 
May 13, 2009
San Francisco Chronicle
Carla Marinucci

Professor Robert Weisberg is quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle in an article about the lobbying over an Obama Supreme Court Justice pick:

President Obama's choice to replace Supreme Court Justice David Souter is expected any day now, and the tug of war is well under way.

Obama is to consult with Senate leaders on the nomination today. And with all the drama in the run-up, court watchers say this major decision by the 44th president may be less slugfest and more lovefest - unless some major surprises are in store - when it comes to replacing Souter, who announced his retirement this month.


There is a "tendency ... to play it safe and pick a Court of Appeals judge," said Robert Weisberg, professor of law at Stanford University. "They are less likely (than a politician) to have done anything embarrassing."