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FCC Convenes At Stanford

Publication Date: 
April 18, 2008
The Stanford Daily
Kamil Dada

Professor Lawrence Lessig is quoted in The Stanford Daily about the FCC hearing at Stanford:

Stanford Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, founder of the Center for Internet and Society, said he was worried about the lack of competition among ISPs and that consumers do not get what they pay for, arguing that providers advertise certain connection speeds but then do not deliver upon those promises.

“We are facing these problems because of a failure of FCC policy,” Lessig said. “The FCC failed to make it clear to the network owners that if they are building the Internet they need to build it neutrally.”

Lessig compared the circumstances facing the Internet to a hypothetical situation of an electricity grid that restricted usage depending on whether the appliance plugged in was made by Sony or Toshiba. He noted that such an electrical grid would be possible to build but that one would need very strong arguments in order to convince the world to change. He argued that the Internet should be considered in the same manner.