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FCC Hears Net Neutrality Arguments At Stanford

Publication Date: 
April 18, 2008
San Francisco Chronicle
Ryan Kim

Professors Lawrence Lessig and Barbara van Schewick were quoted in a San Francisco Chronicle article about the recent FCC hearing held at Stanford:

Network neutrality advocates pushed the commission to adopt specific regulations prohibiting the discrimination of traffic. Led by Stanford law Professor Lawrence Lessig, who introduced the first panel of speakers, open-Internet backers said the Web must remain free to ensure consumer choice and technological innovation, which could be hampered by allowing operators to pursue arbitrary traffic-shaping rules.

"We need to be conservative in this debate and preserve what has worked in driving this economy," Lessig said. "And what has worked is a neutral network."


Stanford law Professor Barbara van Schewick warned against giving network providers too much leeway.

"It's impossible to predict what applications the network provider will block," van Schewick said. "This year it may be P2P, the next year it may be YouTube."