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FCC Plans Broadband Hearing At Stanford, After All

Publication Date: 
March 19, 2008
CNet News
Ann Broache

CNET reports that on the Federal Communications Commission recently announced it will hold a public hearing at Stanford afterall:

Those zany regulators at the Federal Communications Commission sure like to keep us guessing.

A few weeks ago, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin told reporters that he wasn't planning a follow-up hearing at Stanford University on "network management" issues raised in large part by Comcast's slowing of BitTorrent file-sharing traffic.

Sure, rumors on the blogosphere had suggested otherwise, but Martin brushed them aside, saying they may have started because he was planning to speak to an Internet law confab at its law school. (He did acknowledge that California might be a good place to hold a hearing, if the agency did decide to go that route, though.)

On Wednesday, the agency announced that it had officially changed its mind (PDF), scheduling an April 17 field hearing on the university's Palo Alto, Calif., campus.

Martin told reporters after Wednesday's FCC meeting that he hadn't been planning on having a second hearing until discussing the idea with Stanford Law Professor Larry Lessig during his visit to the campus last week.