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FCC's Wheeler Tries To Clarify Net Neutrality Stance, Again

Publication Date: 
May 01, 2014
Associations Now
Ernie Smith

Associations Now quotes Professor Barbara van Schewick on the FCC's efforts to protect freedom of internet access. 

Another Take

In an in-depth blog post written in the wake of Wheeler’s initial comments, Stanford Law School professor Barbara van Schewick argued that critics of the FCC’s proposed rulemaking were right to speak up and that the agency should seriously consider reclassifying internet access as a public utility, despite having declined to take that approach previously. “If the FCC is serious about protecting the open internet, it needs to do its due diligence and seriously explore all available options, and that requires asking real questions about reclassification in the upcoming notice of proposed rulemaking,” she wrote.


Maybe the second try will make it an easier sell.

Last week, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler found himself at the center of controversy after news reports revealed the FCC was considering open-internet rules that would allow for a so-called fast lane for internet traffic, which would let service providers charge content providers for faster access.