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Federal judges Prod State To Consider Other Prison Options

Publication Date: 
September 24, 2013
Los Angeles Times
Chris Megerian

A new report by Stanford''s Three Strikes Project is mention in this Los Angeles Times article by Chris Megerian in regards to its findings on how the release of some third-strikers has suffered from a backlog in the court system.

The court order issued Tuesday is another attempt by federal judges to urge the state to consider other solutions to prison overcrowding besides leasing beds in private facilities.

The judges' preferences are clear in the order, which outlines a series of topics for negotiations between state officials and lawyers who have sued the state over prison conditions.


Instead, the judges want state officials to consider how they handle prisoners serving time for a third strike, as well as elderly and ill inmates.

The state is already releasing some third-strikers under the terms of a ballot initiative approved by voters last year, but the process has suffered from a backlog in the court system, according to a Stanford study.