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Filling The Stevens Seat.

Publication Date: 
April 09, 2010
The American Prospect Blog
Scott Lemieux

Professor Pamela Karlan is mentioned as a candidate for the U.S. Supreme Court in this blog post:

For reasons I'll explain next week, among the candidates likely to actually be on the shortlist, Diane Wood seems to me to be the best choice for the Supreme Court. At this point, though, I like the idea of thinking about some other potential candidates who would, in an ideal world, receive stronger consideration. Emily Bazelon and Dahlia Lithwick have asked a variety of luminaries to suggest good nominees. I'm glad to see prominent law and courts scholars Kim Lane Scheppele and Lee Epstein tout Harold Koh, and they both make a compelling case for him.

But if we're talking about desirable but implausible nominees, I'd like to point out that Pamela Karlan -- a very sophisticated constitutional theorist with both the intellectual firepower and acerbic wit to take on the Court's conservative wing -- belongs near the top of any progressive's shortlist.