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For Founder Of Nigerian Charity, Firm Work Was An Offer He Could Refuse

Publication Date: 
July 29, 2008
Daily Journal
Maya Meinert

Dean Larry Kramer is quoted a Daily Journal article about Afam Onyema, a Stanford Law School alumnus and co-founder and chief operating officer of GEANCO Foundation. The nonprofit was started three years ago by Afam Onyema's Nigerian-born father, Godwin Onyema, a Chicago-based obstetrician, to build a hospital that offers quality care to Nigeria's poor. Onyema's involvement already started when he was still at Stanford:

So Onyema started putting out feelers and got his Stanford classmates, and even the school's dean, Larry Kramer, on board with the foundation's purpose.

"It's a pretty compelling cause," Kramer said. "What I love about Stanford's students is that they're entrepreneurial. They do things that other people wouldn't do. It's really impressive because I was a law student, too, and I couldn't do that."