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Foundations Are Facing Up To Failures

Publication Date: 
July 25, 2007
The New York Times
Stephanie Strom

Increasingly charitable foundations are reporting not only on their successes but also on their failures. The New York Times references President and Chief Executive of the Hewlett Foundation and former Dean of the Law School Paul Brest:

Mr. Canales and Paul Brest, president and chief executive of the Hewlett Foundation, have made it their mission to change that pattern. They are writing an op-ed article on the subject, and Mr. Canales appears in a Podcast on the blog Tactical Philanthropy.

“My sense is that this has to do with foundations caring more about results than they have traditionally,” Mr. Brest said in a telephone interview.


“Foundations are supposed to take risks,” Mr. Brest said. “Sure, it’s better to tell your success stories, but there’s no harm in sharing our failures, too. The only thing at stake is our egos.”