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Free Speech Tested Anew In Digital Age

Publication Date: 
September 27, 2010
The Wall Street Journal Online
Jess Bravin

Lecturer and founder of SCOTUS blog Thomas Goldstein is quoted on the upcoming Supreme Court docket in this article rounding up the cases the Court has agreed to hear in its 2010-11 term. Jess Bravin of the Wall Street Journal filed this story:

Free speech stands front and center in the Supreme Court term beginning next week, in a pair of cases testing the First Amendment's reach in the digital age.

On Oct. 6, the justices will weigh whether the First Amendment protects a Kansas church's campaign to publicize its beliefs by picketing military funerals with vulgar placards and insulting fallen soldiers' survivors in online screeds.

The father of a fallen Marine is seeking damages for emotional distress from the church, which believes that God is killing American soldiers to punish the U.S. for its tolerance of homosexuality.


"This term has a fair numbers of interesting cases, but the earth-shattering ones are still on the horizon," said Washington litigator Tom Goldstein, publisher of, a website that tracks the Supreme Court.