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From Copyright To Corruption

Publication Date: 
January 01, 2008
California Lawyer
Jeanette Borzo

Professor Lawrence Lessig is quoted in a California Lawyer article about how he is "transitioning to a more collaborative approach to exposing and rooting out the type of corruption he thinks affects so many legal areas, including copyright":

Lessig admits he's still figuring out the best way to address the "inappropriate influence of money" on many aspects of American life, but he plans to begin by parceling out "bite-sized" chunks of the task to a motivated team of volunteers. And though Lessig may initially focus on the copyright domain, he will also address corruption in other sectors. In a speech at Stanford Law School last fall, Lessig discussed the corrupting influence pharmaceutical firms can have on doctors. He went on to note the potential corruption of law school faculty members who take tens of thousands of dollars in fees to write policy papers for private companies to submit in regulatory hearings or to Congress.

"We have to ask ourselves how far money might influence what we do," Lessig says. "None of us needs the supplement. We [law school professors] especially-the most wealthy, the most secure-we especially have this obligation. If not this group, then who?"