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Genetic Test For Alzheimer's Divides Experts

Publication Date: 
March 11, 2008
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Faye Flam

Professor Henry T. "Hank" Greely is quoted in The Philadelphia Inquirer regarding the testing of individuals for a gene capable of predicting Alzheimer's. How the news of a positive test comes across makes a big difference according Professor Greely:

"That's a big plus. I feel much more charitable toward them," said Stanford University law professor Hank Greely, who chaired a working group studying the ethics of such testing. But even with genetic counseling, he said, misleading customers is a danger.


The best way of presenting Alzheimer's risk information would be to provide cumulative risk at various ages, Greely said. How likely are you to get the disease at 50, 60 or 70? "That kind of information would make the most sense if people were seeking it for life planning," he said.