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Goodlatte: Don't Widen Special Privacy Protections for Web 2.0

Publication Date: 
August 08, 2008
Washington Internet Daily

Lecturer in Law and Executive Director of the Center for Internet and Society Lauren Gelman is quoted in a Washington Internet Daily story about the use of private data on the internet:

Lauren Gelman, executive director of the Center on Internet and Society at Stanford University, said federal privacy law's "silos" make it "very hard for consumers to be intelligent about they disclose information."


"You can't download any apps on Facebook without turning all your information over to the company," Gelman said, calling the site "problematic." "I'm someone who has the most bare Facebook page, because I care about this stuff," she said. "It's a perfect example of the downside of leaving our last leg of opportunity to express ourselves" to a company with its own business interests.