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Google’s Android Infringed Oracle’s Java, Jury Says

Publication Date: 
May 08, 2012
Bloomberg News
Karen Gullo

Lecturer Brian Love was interviewed by Karen Gullo of Bloomberg News on the case between Oracle Corp. and Google Inc. involving mobile device patents and the issue of "fair use." Here is the story:

A federal judge said Oracle Corp. (ORCL) can’t seek $1 billion in damages from Google Inc. (GOOG) for infringing copyrights when it developed Android software running on more than 300 million mobile devices because a jury couldn’t agree on whether it was “fair use.”

A jury in San Francisco yesterday found that Google, the largest Web-search provider, infringed Oracle’s copyrights for programming tools and nine lines of code. U.S. District Judge William Alsup said at this point Oracle can only seek damages on the nine lines, which by law would be at most $150,000.


“Google won the battle and it remains to be seen who won the war,” said Brian Love, an intellectual property attorney and teaching fellow at Stanford Law School.