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Google Cleared In Oracle Suit On Patents

Publication Date: 
May 23, 2012
Yahoo! News (AFP)
Glenn Chapman

Lecturer Brian J. Love is quoted in the following Yahoo! News article by Glenn Chapman on the final decision in the Oracle v. Google patent infringement case.

A jury on Wednesday declared Google innocent of patent infringement in a high-stakes court battle pitting business software titan Oracle against the Internet giant.

In a unanimous decision, 10 jurors agreed that Oracle had failed to prove its claims that Google infringed on Java software patents in the Android operating software for smartphones and tablet computers.


"I think it is fair to call the present result a near disaster for Oracle," said Stanford University law school teaching fellow Brian Love.

"In a case that started with potentially billions on the line, Oracle's maximum recovery right now might not be enough to cover two days worth of its attorneys' fees."