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Google-Copyleft Coalition Seeks Free Feed Of U.S. Law At All Levels

Publication Date: 
January 14, 2010
Washington Internet Daily
Louis Trager

Visiting Professor Jonathan Zittrain is quoted on the possibilities of a free online feed of all U.S laws and regulations:

Congressional legislation this year to enable a no-charge online 'bulk feed' of U.S. law and regulations down to the local level is the aim of a campaign supported by Google, the Center for American Progress, O'Reilly Media and law-school centers and professors coast-to-coast associated with what's called the copyleft, the organizer said. No enactment is assured in 2010, acknowledged public-records activist Carl Malamud, the prime mover behind the campaign for the proposed But the push, including months of workshops and reports, will advance the cause of opening up to public use the rules made by public officials and the work leading up to them, he said Tuesday at Stanford Law School.

Jonathan Zittrain, a Harvard law professor, said he's excited about the 'prospects of a generative platform' that would enable all kinds of uses of the information -- including the addition of annotations, commentary and discussions of relationships with other information -- some unpredictable. Malamud said he and allies are 'looking at a variety of crowd-sourcing' strategies for adding information.