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Google Sees Downside as Well as Up to Administration Web Policy

Publication Date: 
May 19, 2009
The Washington Internet Daily
Louis Trager

A seminar on Legal Affairs in Digital Media organized by Stanford Law School's Center for Internet & Society is mentioned in an article in The Washington Internet Daily that discusses the Obama administration's policy for regulating the Web:

There's a downside to the Obama administration's approach to Internet technology, said Alan Davidson, Google policy and government affairs director: "They will not be timid about regulating the Internet." This reflects that the administration is "much more comfortable with regulation that its predecessors" as a general matter, by ideology and because of the economy, he said Friday at a seminar on Legal Affairs in Digital Media. It was organized by Stanford Law School's Center for Internet & Society, the Media Law Resource Center and Stanford Publishing Courses.

But the administration's embrace of Web 2.0 technologies is "changing the way that people relate to government," Davidson said. "It's actually a radical change. It's just the beginning ... What you really want is a conversation with people" online, specifically to help rally supporters to get policies enacted. In the administration, "there's a cultural affinity for the medium that we haven't seen" previously, he said. This "will color their approach to policy," such as by leading them to "embrace the open Internet," Davidson said.