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Government 2.0

Publication Date: 
December 16, 2008
National Public Radio: The Diane Rehm Show
Diane Rehm

Professor Lawrence Lessig discussed the Obama administration's grassroots support during the campaign season on NPR's Diane Rehm Show:

President-Elect Obama received a overwhelming grass roots support in during the campaign season. Diane Rehm interviews Patricia McGuinness, CEO, Council for Excellence in Government, Corine Hegland, The National Journal, and Lawrence Lessig, Stanford University, Professor of Law, to discuss the future of grass roots involvement in the Obama Administration. Lessig is the author of Free Culture, How Media uses Technology, and The Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity.


Lawrence Lessig, Stanford University, Professor of Law, says that Obama's message was the central force in his campaign, says that had he not inspired so many people we wouldn't be talking about the Obama Revolution, says that technology allowed people to participate in politics in a way that made them feel more like soldiers than recipients.