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Group Including Stanford, Monterey Bay Aquarium Form Center To Protect Oceans

Publication Date: 
January 10, 2008
San Jose Mercury News
Julie Sevrens Lyons

Senior Lecturer in Law Meg Caldwell was named as the interim director for the newly formed Center for Ocean Solutions, reports the San Jose Mercury News:

Center leaders expect to spend the next six to eight months identifying not only the most important challenges facing the ocean, but the issues the agency will be in the best position to do something about, Caldwell said.

The concept is somewhat revolutionary in scientific circles, with the center expected to be neither a research institute nor a think tank, but a combination of both.

"It's a tradition of science to not get involved in the messiness of policy making," Caldwell explained. "But we want to make sure that the work that we're doing within the center and across these institutions is not only offering up practical solutions but also helping to bring them to fruition."


Although the center will be based in California, and managed by Stanford's Woods Institute for the Environment, leaders say they will address problems affecting oceans worldwide. They will also ultimately bring in scientists from all over the world to assist in research and policy making, Caldwell said.


"We have seen some fish populations recover. We have protected altered marine areas. We have taken species off the endangered species list," she said. "We have plenty of victories to celebrate. We just need to take it all to the next level."