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Group seeks initiative to reform California's Three Strikes Law

Publication Date: 
June 15, 2011
San Jose Mercury News
Tracey Kaplan

Professor David W. Mills is mentioned by Tracey Kaplan in this San Jose Mercury News article on his efforts in helping students add an initiative to the November ballot to reform California's Three Strikes Law.

A coalition led by a group of Stanford University lawyers intends to put an initiative on the November 2012 ballot to reform California's Three Strikes Law, the harshest such sentencing law in the nation.

The group has secured at least one major financial backer, David W. Mills, a former investment banker and Stanford Law School professor. It also hired San Francisco political consultant Averell "Ace" Smith to lead what is expected to be a fiery campaign.

In addition, the group, including Stanford Law School's Three Strikes Project, is courting key Republicans such as Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley, at a time when fiscal conservatives have called for prison reform.