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Home Bipolar Disorder Test Causes Stirs

Publication Date: 
March 22, 2008
Associated Press
Marcus Wohlsen

Professor Henry T. "Hank" Greely is quoted in an Associated Press story about the increasing use of genetic tests:

Patients taking Psynomics' bipolar test may feel branded by a positive result, even if they are not ultimately diagnosed with the disorder, said Hank Greely, a professor of law and genetics with the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics. Or they may feel false hope from a negative result, despite the company's disclaimers.

Likewise, doctors have little training beyond what companies tell them when it comes to applying the test results. "They may make a foolish decision that backfires to put you on meds," Greely said. "Or they may make a decision that backfires not to put you on meds."