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How The Government Can Improve Tech: Stop Reinventing Intellectual Property

Publication Date: 
May 13, 2014
Yahoo Tech
Rob Pegoraro

Julie Ahrens, director of Copyright and Fair Use at the Center for Internet and Society, comments on the problems raised by a recent intellectual property ruling for Yahoo Tech. 

A court ruling Friday redefined who owns a technical part of Android that no user ever sees. But it could have a chilling effect on the technology we do.

Friday’s unanimous ruling by a three-judge panel on the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit about Google’s recycling parts of Oracle’s Java software could make a wide variety of innovation expensive or illegal. The ruling fits into a long and unhelpful history of the government creating “intellectual property” where such property didn’t previously exist — and where it’s not needed.


You need this for different programs to work together, said Julie Ahrens, director of Copyright and Fair Use at Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society: “It’s almost like the alphabet or vocabulary.”