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Illegal workers: Are they entitled to sue?

Publication Date: 
August 31, 2009
United Press International

Professor Emeritus William Gould, an expert on labor and discrimination law, comments on the potential repercussions of denying legal protection to undocumented workers in the United States:

A lawsuit filed in Las Vegas claims illegal immigrants are entitled to back wages, a legal point as yet unsettled, a prominent law professor said.

In Las Vegas, illegal workers have filled suit against Bravo Pro Maintenance, a cleaning company that workers say cheated them of wages and demanded 13-hour work days without paying overtime, the Las Vegas Sun reported Monday.

"The door is not shut until the Supreme Court shuts it," said William Gould, former chairman and professor emeritus at Stanford Law School said.

Having no legal protection for illegal workers is an invitation to "create slavery," Gould said.