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In Rankings, Yale Law Groups Evaluate Quality Of Life At Firms

Publication Date: 
October 30, 2007
Yale Daily News
Paul Needham

Professor Michele Landis Dauber is quoted by the Yale Daily News about how law firms are reacting to the rankings Building a Better Legal Profession recently released:

Given the fierce nature of competition for top law school graduates, firms are already taking their rankings into account in making workplace policies said Michelle Landis Dauber, a professor at Stanford Law School and adviser to Building a Better Legal Profession. As students begin to make these rankings an important fact in deciding where to apply and what offers of employment to accept, firms will be forced to respond with efforts to bolster their grades, she said.

“Firms were benefiting from the lack of organized information about them and so they got a pass,” she said. “We’re shining a light of information onto these firms. There’s no reason to ever interview with the firms that do poorly in the rankings, so that should allow students to turn the tables on the firms.”