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Inmate Release Plan Begins

Publication Date: 
January 25, 2010
KCBS All News Radio 740 AM
Holly Quan

Professor Robert Weisberg, who co-directs the Criminal Justice Center, discussed the parole and prison reforms that went into effect in California. Here's a summary of that broadcast:

California has started the process of trimming its overcrowded prison system under a new law that kicked in on Monday.

But, the early release of low-level offenders has county sheriffs worried about a possible trickle down effect.

What the Legislature did as part of last year's state budget package was approve early release credits for inmates who complete certain educational or vocational goals.


And, low-risk offenders would basically go unsupervised said Robert Weisberg, who is the co-director of the Stanford Criminal Justice Center.

"People who are being released are, by some consensus measures, by prison administrators, the least likely to recidivate," Weisberg said. "They tend to be small property crime criminals. They've never engaged in any violence."