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Internet Harassment Trial In LA Postponed

Publication Date: 
September 24, 2008
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Robert Patrick

Lecturer in Law Jennifer Stisa Granick is quoted in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch story about the postponement of the murder trial of a woman accused of cyber-bullying a teen who then committed suicide:

"It's a sign that the judge is taking her motion to dismiss seriously. And that is good for (Drew)," said Jennifer Granick, a former Stanford law professor who is now civil liberties director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Granick, along with some other law professors and online free speech and privacy rights groups, filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support of Drew, 49, this summer.


Granick, of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said Tuesday that the law used by prosecutors is supposed to "stop people from breaking into and hacking into computers," not "using the computer in a way you don't like."

She added, "We're not talking about what's appropriate and what's kind. We're talking about ... what you can go to prison for."