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Intuit Just Won't Quit

Publication Date: 
July 21, 2010
Los Angeles Times
Dennis J. Ventry Jr.

This LA Times Op-Ed supports keeping Professor Joe Bankman's free ReadyReturn program available to 40% of California's tax payers who qualify:

Here we go again. Another legislative session, another well-funded campaign waged by Intuit Corp. to abolish California's free, innovative and wildly popular electronic tax filing programs, ReadyReturn and CalFile.

These two programs provide California taxpayers with a reliable, voluntary, safe and free way to calculate and file their taxes. ReadyReturn offers an already completed state tax return using information in the state's possession (from a W-2, for instance) as a starting point. It's for single filers whose income, up to $240,000, comes only from wages. CalFile offers free, interview-style online filing for somewhat more complicated tax situations. It's for married as well as single taxpayers with incomes up to $320,000. The state estimates that 6.4 million Californians are eligible for these services — more than 40% of the state's taxpayers.