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Is Brain Stimulation A Medicine Of The Future?

Publication Date: 
March 03, 2014
KQED - Science
Amy Standen

Professor Hank Greely weighs in on why electroceuticals is a field “worth paying some attention to” with KQED's Amy Standen. 

Why seek out entirely new approaches to treating brain disease? Because the ones we have aren’t good enough, says Stanford University law professor Hank Greely.

“Mental illness and neurological disease extract an enormous toll in human suffering as well as in dollars,” says Greely. “It’s frustrating that we haven’t made more progress.”


At a recent meeting of the Institute of Medicine’s Neuroscience Forum, of which Greely is a member, members decided that the field of electroceuticals, while still at an early stage, is “worth paying some attention to,” says Greely, and will be the topic of an upcoming white paper.