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James Joyce Scholar, in Deal With Author's Estate, Wins Right to Use Copyrighted Works

Publication Date: 
March 26, 2007
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Andrea Foster

The Chronicle's coverage of the settlement between Stanford University scholar Carol Shloss and the Estate of James Joyce, granting the scholar permission to quote excerpts of letters between the author and his daughter Lucia Joyce, quotes Professor Lawrence Lessig:

Still, Lawrence Lessig, a well-known lawyer and scholar of cyberspace issues, said he was pleased by the settlement. He directs the Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society, which championed Ms. Shloss's cause.

"This is just the first of a series of cases that will be necessary to establish the reality of creative freedom that the fair-use doctrine is intended to protect in theory," Mr. Lessig said in a written statement. "We will continue to defend academics threatened by overly aggressive copyright holders."