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Judge Halts State Worker Furloughs

Publication Date: 
August 10, 2010
KCBS All News Radio 740 AM
Keith Mizuguchi

Professor William Gould, an expert in labor law, talks to Keith Mizuguchi of KCBS radio about Judge Steven Brick's decision to halt state worker furloughs in California:

Governor Schwarzenegger is appealing a ruling by an East Bay judge that blocks the state from forcing thousands of workers to take three Fridays off without pay each month.

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Steven Brick said furloughing the 156,000 state workers would not solve California’s budget crisis.

But he said it would hurt those workers, so he has stopped the governor from resuming with furlough Fridays.


But Stanford Law Professor William Gould, who is the former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board said the governor has every right to appeal the ruling.

“His view is that it is his inherent authority under the state constitution to take this action,” said Gould.