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Judge Joan Donoghue Weighs In On World Court

Publication Date: 
December 02, 2011
San Francisco Chronicle
Bob Egelko

Professor Jenny Martinez is quoted by Bob Egelko of the San Francisco Chronicle on the United States' relationship with the World Court and how there's a hypocrisy behind it.

International law has become a bogeyman in American judicial politics - conservative Supreme Court justices denounce it, Republican senators regularly grill court nominees about its dangers, and some states are trying to prohibit their courts from considering Islamic Shariah law or any legal rules from abroad.

But the law of nations hasn't lost its appeal for Joan Donoghue.


"When we say we don't have to participate or comply with international bodies and other people do, there's a kind of hypocrisy in that," said Jenny Martinez, a Stanford law professor who once assisted a U.S. judge on an international criminal court for the former Yugoslavia.