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Justice To Retire?

Publication Date: 
April 06, 2010
CNN Student News
Carl Azuz

Lecturer in law Thomas Goldstein talks to CNN Student News about President Obama's choice for the next Supreme Court justice, if Justice John Paul Stevens decides to retire:

AZUZ: After filling that seat for nearly 35 years, Justice Stevens is thinking about stepping down. A nomination to the Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment; that usually means that only the justices can decide when their service will end. But once that decision is made, a different branch of government gets to nominate the replacement. Kate Bolduan examines how that process might go.


THOMAS GOLDSTEIN, SUPREME COURT LEGAL ANALYST: If there's going to be a retirement, it's almost certainly the liberal Justice Stevens, so President Obama can't move the Supreme Court to the left in any way. Rather, he can cement his impact on the court with his nominees serving for decades in the future.


GOLDSTEIN: We're talking about determining the constitutionality of laws that relate to abortion, to affirmative action, to gay rights, to the separation of church and state. So, the stakes are incredibly high.