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Justices who will shape Supreme Court’s future are matching pairs

Publication Date: 
June 28, 2011
The Washington Post
Robert Barnes

Professor Pamela Karlan is quoted by Robert Barnes in this Washington Post article on the latest Supreme Court term and how overall the court "seems to cares about retaliation, 'but it never seems to find actual discrimination."

The Supreme Court term that ended Monday lacked the blockbuster decisions of years past, but it appeared to make one thing clear: George W. Bush and Barack Obama got what they hoped for when they nominated the justices who will shape the court’s future.

It can be treacherous to predict a justice’s path based on early service, and presidents have been disappointed by the positions their nominees take when they reach the bench.

But this year, the four youngest justices separated neatly into the court’s ideological wings and then presented a unified front.


Those decisions prompted a wry observation from Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan, who said the court cares about retaliation, “but it never seems to find actual discrimination.”