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Keker IP Litigators Branch Out On Their Own

Publication Date: 
February 03, 2009
Daily Journal
Craig Anderson

The Daily Journal reports that Professor Mark A. Lemley together with other IP specialists are forming a new IP litigation law firm, Durie Tangri, Lemley Roberts & Kent:

Mark Lemley, Daralyn Durie and Ragesh Tangri used to talk, during their years at UC Berkeley School of Law, of forming a law practice together someday.

On Monday, that faraway dream became a reality.

The trio left San Francisco law firm Keker & Van Nest along with two other partners and an associate to form Durie Tangri, Lemley Roberts & Kent in law offices that do not yet have their names on them in San Francisco. Two other Keker & Van Nest partners, Clement Roberts and Ryan Kent, are joining them.

... Lemley - who served as of counsel with Keker & Van Nest - is best known as a Stanford Law School professor and a prolific author of appellate briefs and academic research papers.


... Durie, Lemley and Tangri have established that they "play in the big leagues."


Lemley said he will continue to work full time as a Stanford Law School professor, and acknowledges that the new firm's small size will be a limitation. "It does mean we can't take on every possible case, but that's a benefit, too."

He and Durie said they would partner with other firms or hire contract attorneys when necessary.