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Kindergarten Lessons From Chevron In Ecuador

Publication Date: 
March 21, 2013
Corporate Counsel
Michael D. Goldhaber


Professor Nora Engstrom is cited in this Corporate Counsel article by Michael D. Goldhaber from a speech she have at the Stanford Journal of Complex Litigation conference which discussed how both parties in the  ongoing litigation between Chevron and the people of Lago Agrio, Ecuador got what they wanted from the case. 

When I returned from the terrific "Lessons of Chevron" conference held by the Stanford Journal of Complex Litigation in February, my kindergartener asked for one simple lesson from the world's biggest case. "Be careful what you wish for," I told her.

As Stanford Law School's Nora Freeman Engstrom cleverly noted at the conference, both parties got exactly what they wanted: Chevron got its case into Ecuadorian court, and the plaintiffs got their film about the oil company's alleged predations in the Amazon into the Sundance Film Festival.