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Lawrence Lessig; Stanford Law School Professor, Creative Commons Chair

Publication Date: 
June 20, 2007
Mother Jones

Mother Jones asks Professor Lawrence Lessig about such things as politics and how his Creatyive Commons interests fit into the election cycle and the future of creative culture:

When asked about the book he is writing Professor Lessig says:

"What's interesting to me is that people are using digital technology for creative things like remixing content. The "Hillary 1984" ad is technically certainly a violation of Apple's creative work, and we've actually now heard that the copyright owners for the Orwell estate are threatening legal action. That kind of illegal creativity is only going to become more attractive, and people are going to be resistant to regulation there. So you have to start threatening lawsuits and enforcing technology agreements that block certain kinds of content to regain platforms where you can control the conversation. That's going to be a very hard kind of control to sustain. We don't have cultural resources to impose and defend that sort of control, unlike more traditional societies in Europe where people would be more open to the idea of locking down content. Which means that the dynamic is going to spin pretty wildly."