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Lawyer Wins Free Speech Case Against John Lennon's Widow

Publication Date: 
June 03, 2008
Daily Journal
Craig Anderson

Lecturer in Law and Director of the Fair Use Project Anthony T. Falzone is quoted in The Daily Journal about the Fair Use Project's success in defending Premise Media in a lawsuit brought by Yoko Ono:

Anthony T. Falzone, who directs the Fair Use Project at Stanford University's Center for Internet and Society, won a free speech battle Monday against the widow and sons of John Lennon over the right to use a 15-second clip of his famous song "Imagine" in a film casting doubt on the theory of evolution.


Falzone, who represents the film's producer and distributors, said he was pleased with the ruling. "There were substantial free speech rights at issue here," he said in a telephone interview.

"Criticizing a song gives you a presumption of a transformative purpose under the fair use analysis," Falzone said.