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League, Union Need To Cross Goal Line With HGH Testing

Publication Date: 
January 31, 2012
USA Today
Jarrett Bell

Professor William B. Gould was mentioned in the following article by Jarrett Bell of USA Today on NFL negotiations concerning a specific blood-testing program.

By most measures, the NFL avoided major damage from the 132-day lockout that defined its offseason of labor strife. After owners and players struck a 10-year deal in July, the crowds returned, TV ratings rose and merchandise kept selling. Yet there's still that unfinished business.

HGH testing.

Maybe it won't matter when the New York Giants and New England Patriots tangle in Super Bowl XLVI, but without implementing a system -- which the sides agreed to do as part of the collective bargaining agreement but the players union has resisted to sign off on for a specific blood-testing program -- there's always a question.


"It's definitely more of a negotiating issue than a scientific issue," Stanford professor William Gould, the former National Labor Relations Board chairman, said Monday before hurrying off to class. "The science, so far as I understand it, is pretty clear-cut."

Gould echoed what many scientists, Capitol Hill lawmakers and anti-doping officials have contended while pointing fingers at the union for stalling.


"What's different in 2012 is that we know this is a very big problem throughout pro sports," Gould said.