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Left-Leaning Law Group Forms As Counter To Federalist Society

Publication Date: 
July 28, 2007
The Dallas Morning News
Brendan McKenna

Professor Pamela Karlan is mentioned in a Dallas Morning News article describing the formation of the American Constitution Society that objects to the conservative nature of the Federalist Society:

Brooke Lierman, the past president of the University of Texas chapter ... mentioned meeting U.S. District Judge William Wayne Justice of Texas, a noted civil rights advocate, at a society-sponsored dinner and Stanford University professor Pamela Karlan at another forum.

"We can interact with legal heroes we'd have no business calling up," Ms. Lierman said. Ms. Karlan, a leading legal scholar on voting rights and the political process, "wrote the book I was using for my constitutional law class. I was writing a paper on election law at the time and I was able to talk directly to her," Ms. Lierman said.