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Legal Expert: NFL 'Got Off Very Easy' On Concussion Settlement

Publication Date: 
January 14, 2014
Los Angeles Times
Sam Farmer

Professor William Gould weighs in on the ruling handed down on the NFL's concussion lawsuit in The Los Angeles Times. 

A leading labor-law expert said he is not surprised a federal judge has rejected the NFL's $765-million concussion settlement because of concerns the amount will be insufficient to cover all the injured parties.

"I thought the NFL got off very easy given the amount of money involved, the number of potential claimants, and the revenue that the NFL has," said Stanford law professor William B. Gould, former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board. "I would have expected this settlement to be in the billions of dollars."


Gould said such a rejection by a judge "is the exception but not the rule. It’s somewhat unusual, but by no means unheard of. And of course, given the qualifications she’s put on her opinion, it may be that she will reconsider this in light of the documentation that she said was lacking."