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Letters To The Editor: Obama Hurts Respect For The Rule Of Law

Publication Date: 
January 25, 2012
The Wall Street Journal
Tara Smith

Professor Michael W. McConnell is featured in the following Wall Street Journal article by Tara Smith on his op-ed discussing President Obama's recess appointments and the constitutional challenges that may arise.

Michael McConnell "Democrats and Executive Overreach" (op-ed, Jan. 10) cuts through the debate over President Obama's recent recess appointments by elegantly making the essential point that, whatever one thinks of congressional tactics to avoid formal recess, two wrongs don't make an action constitutional.

The mounting instances of this administration's executive overreach—coming regrettably on top of some similar maneuvers by previous administrations—are a catalogue of our nation's deteriorating respect for the rule of law. The consequences are strangling our freedom, our economy, our trust and our hope.