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NAACP Asks Federal Judges To Release Three-Strikes Prisoners

Publication Date: 
October 11, 2013
Los Angeles Times
Paige St. John

Lawyers from Stanford Law School's Three Strikes Project are quoted by the Los Angeles Times on the NAACP's appeal to federal judges asking the state to release 2,000 prisoners eligible for shorter sentences. 

The NAACP is weighing in on California's prison crowding problem, asking federal judges Thursday to order the state to seek release of some 2,000 prisoners eligible for shorter sentences under the state's revised three-strikes law.

California voters in 2012 passed Proposition 36, which reduced state penalties for felons whose third crime is not violent. The measure applied retroactively, allowing thousands of people in prison to petition judges for a new sentence and possible immediate release.


"Were [the state] invested in finding a durable solution to the prison crisis in California, one would expect to see some leadership on their part in this crucial area of reentry," lawyers from the NAACP's Legal Defense and Education Fund, and the Three Strikes Project at Stanford Law School argued in the court filing.