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Nation's Largest School Bus Firm Hires Monitor For Unionization Effort

Publication Date: 
January 18, 2008
Chicago Tribune
Stephen Franklin

The Chicago Tribune reports that the nation's largest school bus firm hired Professor William B. Gould IV to monitor their unionization effort:

The monitor, William B. Gould IV, a professor emeritus at Stanford University Law School and former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, said he hopes the effort will serve as a potential model for other companies.

Supported by a six-person staff, Gould said he will investigate workers' complaints and report findings to company officials.

The Teamsters Union has high regard for Professor Gould but "union officials said they don't like the fact they had no input in the decision."

Still, Gould is hopeful. When company officials approached the 71-year-old labor law expert about the effort, he said he was taken back by the idea.

"My biggest surprise was that anybody would do this," he explained. "So many companies see things going their way, and so they figure why change anything."


Martin Malin, a labor law expert at the Chicago-Kent College of Law commented saying: "I don't think [Gould] would agree to do something like this unless he was assured independence."