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New Giants Leader Viewed As Tough, Unflappable

Publication Date: 
May 22, 2008
San Jose Mercury News
Scott Duke Harris
Professor Joseph A. Grundfest is quoted in a San Jose Mercury story about new Giants general manager William H. Neukom:

Stanford law professor Joe Grundfest, a Giants fan, predicted the new managing general partner will have a positive impact on the franchise.

"Bill Neukom is a profound class act," he said. "And when you're general counsel of a company like Microsoft, you've got to be a darn good businessman, not just a skilled lawyer."


"They don't give that job to just anybody," Grundfest said. "You have to be broadly respected by an exceptionally cantankerous and contentious group of people. He does a lot of what he does because he really believes in giving back.

"Now I hope he believes in giving back - and player development."